The Project

How did we get here?

On a chilly October day in 2019, we met in Rockhill Furnace with Henry Posner III, Bennett Levin, and Brad Esposito to visit the East Broad Top facilities. The visit was the culmination of several ongoing conversations among the four of us about the railroad and what might be done to revive it. All of you who have visited the East Broad Top (and if you haven’t it needs to be at the top of your list!) know what a truly remarkable place it is. From the 6 steam locomotives, which seem to be just dozing in the brick roundhouse, to the main shop with the belts to drive all of the machinery still hanging from the rods in the ceiling to the old coaling facility sitting by the track at the south end of the yard, it is the industrial age of our country somehow still remarkably intact. After walking around amazed at what we were seeing, we quickly agreed that this was a project which had to be pursued and that would provide the time and resources to pursue it.

With that, we then entered into the dialogue which Brad had already started with the real hero of the East Broad Top Story, Joe Kovalchick, the owner of the company. That the railroad and shops are so remarkably preserved is a tribute to Joe, his parents who purchased the company in 1956, and all of the Kovalchick family. Joe’s abiding interest in the property and his strong desire to see it operational again, along with his belief that we have the right team to accomplish that the right way, allowed us all to reach an agreement to purchase the company. To do so, we set up a non-profit organization to acquire the railroad and begin the restoration process. We closed the deal officially in February 2020.

Since then, the progress we have made has also been remarkable!

- Wick Moorman


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