Railways to Yesterday

What is Railways to Yesterday?

Railways to Yesterday is all-volunteer non-profit organization that operates the Rockhill Trolley Museum and is dedicated to the preservation of the electric trolley car. Starting with a single trolley car from Johnstown in 1960, their collection now has 22 operational trolleys.

What does our partnership look like?

The EBT Foundation’s unique partnership with Railways to Yesterday is a crucial part of creating an enticing and high-quality visitor experience in Rockhill Furnace. Alongside a scenic train excursion and historic shop tour, adding a vintage trolley provides enhanced educational opportunities and significantly extends the average time spent on the property by visitors. 


Thanks to our cohesive ticketing system, passengers can easily include a vintage trolley ride in their EBT experience. Trolley rides are generally offered every day that trains operate. Rides take passengers on 3-miles along the right-of-way of the former EBT Shape Gap Branch.