The East Broad Top Railroad Archives & Special Collections

The East Broad Top Railroad Archives and Special Collections Program (the Archives) was established as a joint program by the East Broad Top Foundation (EBTF) and the Friends of the East Broad Top (FEBT) to protect, preserve, and provide access to the history, memory, and legacy of the East Broad Top Railroad (“The EBT”) National Historic Landmark.

Since its inception in May 2021, the archives has prioritized materials needed to restore railroad operations and support the EBTF and FEBT.  As those materials are processed and digitized,  they are available for public access.
Ledgers in the first floor vault

Maps and Drawings


Train Orders

Photo Collections


The archives is interested in acquiring original East Broad Top Railroad records and artifacts, as well as unique photographs and records that will help us tell the story of the EBT – its operations and people, and the industries and communities the railroad served.  Our Scope of Collections provides additional detail on our collection needs.  Please contact us at if you have personal collections you believe may be of interest.

The archives department receiving photos for their collection.
Working in the stone house to preserve the archives


Volunteer support for the EBT is organized through the Friends of the East Broad Top (FEBT).  Please visit the FEBT volunteer page to learn more about the volunteer program and find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Take a peek inside the vaults!

On select dates this summer join our archives team and get a behind-the-scenes look at how they process, catalog, digitize, and provide access to our collection.

Contact Us

For any inquiries about our archives and special collections, please email our archivist team. For all other questions, please call our station.