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Creating Economic Opportunity

Saving one of America’s most endangered historic sites, dating from an era when our country transitioned from an agrarian society to an industrial economy

The Significance of the East Broad Top Railroad

The East Broad Top Railroad National Historic Landmark in Orbisonia, Pennsylvania, (hereafter referred to as the EBT) is the oldest surviving narrow-gauge railroad east of the Rocky Mountains. It has been described as an “incomparable national treasure, comprising a site, a set of historic buildings and facilities, a community and a spirit that are – taken together – unique in this country. . . Nowhere in North America does such a complete and original industrial historic site exist.” The EBT was designated as a national historic landmark in 1964 and is nationally significant in the fields of commerce and transportation. The EBT is the best remaining example in the nation of a regional narrow-gauge railroad system. The EBT system probably offers the only opportunity in the nation to tell a comprehensive railroad industry story. The railroad is also a nationally significant, historic industrial workplace where relics from the technological age of steam can still be seen, heard, and smelled.

- United States Department of the Interior National Park Service

Study of Alternatives for the Preservation of the East Broad Top Railroad

December 1990



Your support for our commitment to bring the East Broad Top to a robust rebirth will ensure the ultimate success in realizing the potential of one of America’s most endangered, important historical treasures.

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Welcome to the East Broad Top
Welcome to the East Broad Top Railroad!

The East Broad Top Railroad is the only original narrow-gauge system east of the Mississippi River, and is widely considered to be one of the most intact early industrial sites in the United States.

Penn State Quote
"The Educational, recreational, and economic benefits arising from this effort are very substantial and worthy...."

Dean Justin Schwartz, PhD

College of Engineering
Penn Sate

Senator Robert (Bob) Casey
"Its shops, parts of which date to the 1880s, are among the best preserved examples in the Nation of a late 19th-century/early 20th Century industrial complex..."

Robert (Bob) Casey

United States Senator

Congressman John Joyce
"Preserving parts of that history will have enormous economic benefits for the entire region"

John Joyce

United States Congressman

Robert F. Holzweiss
"Without question , the EBT presents a rare opportunity to authentically explain and interpret the labor, political, social, and economic history of the region...."

Robert F. Holzweiss, PhD

President, Railway and Locomotive Historical Society

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